Nine Things I've Learned From Being A Christian In My Twenties

1. Being a Christian is far from boring. If you think the 'Christian lifestyle' is "boring", then you're doing it wrong. 

2.  Not everyone you meet will be in your life forever. But that’s okay, not everyone can go where God is taking YOU.

3. People may call you "holier than thou" and think you're trying to be better than them, when in actuality...

4. Yes, [some] of us can be the biggest hypocrites out there. BUT, that’s even more proof for how we ALL need Jesus!

5. There are plenty of young people on fire for Christ. It’s nice to have friends that double as sisters and brothers. J  (1 Timothy 4:12)

6. (for the ladies) There ARE attractive young men out there that love and live for Jesus. You don't have to compromise your standards. Be patient. 

7.  If you think all we do is sit around praying and reading scriptures all day, then you clearly haven’t met me or my friends. Sometimes I question if we're really saved lol jk jk!

8. Contrary to popular belief, we still deal with the same temptations, we still know how to laugh and have a good time, we're still human...

9. There is freedom in Christ!