Put the Pedestal Down

In a time where everyone is being reminded to wash their hands and stay at home. In a time where most of our social interactions are coming from online sources and Zoom. In a time where Instagram and Facebook have gotten more attention than ever before, can I just add one more thing to your list of reminders? Yes? Okay, here it is. . .

What If?

In the midst of pandemics, social distancing and sheltering in place, I opened up my balcony door to get some fresh air. As I stood there soaking in every ounce of fresh air that I could, I noticed a hawk circling above the trees nearby. I watched how it effortlessly soared through the sky and thought - God, what could you possibly be trying to tell us during this time?

After a moment of pondering and listening, I was left with "what if?".

An Unexplainable Impact

January 26, 2020 - the world collectively joined in mourning as news rapidly spread of the passing of one of the NBA's most prominent forces, Kobe Bryant, his 13-year old daughter, Gianna, and seven others who were all tragically killed in a helicopter crash in California.

"OK, God! I See You!"

Ya'll. Can I just share how God's been moving in my life lately?

Warning: This message isn't for everyone, but that's okay, because it's for someone. If that's you, stay with me or you just might get lost.