Blessings In Unexpected Places

 This past weekend it snowed in parts of Texas. Shocker, I know. However, while some districts got enough snow to call off school today, mine did not. As it was falling down and sticking to absolutely nothing my mood began to shift from hopeful to unimpressed. Y'all, I was really rooting for us to get to work from home today! 😩 All my little dreams were crushed lol. Yet, even though my morning started off blah and forced the silver lining came once I finally got to the one place I didn't want to go today. . .


I'll explain.

So, this morning I sent some videos to one of my students' parents to show them how well she is doing in my class (mind you she has only been in my class since November). Her mom and I chatted via text message for a bit before she ended the conversation with "Thank you so much! We feel so lucky that you're her teacher". If you're a teacher then you how much a phrase like that can tug on your heart strings. Especially when you already feel overworked and undervalued + words of affirmation is one of your love languages. That message alone and seeing how much I'm appreciated was enough to make up for getting out in the freezing cold to go to work this morning.

But, it didn't stop there. (Because does God ever just bless us with the bare minimum?? Nah, He always has to do exceedingly, abundantly more...)

Shortly after that feel good conversation that put a little pep in my step, another parent messaged me out of the blue saying they hope it's okay but they would like to buy me a new white board and even told me to let them know what size/if I needed one that goes on the wall or one that fits on a stand. Like, what?? Not kleenex, not crayons, not wipes, not even hand sanitizer, but a whole whiteboard! I have not once asked my students' parents for anything this year and am not even in dire need of one, (mine actually work fine they could just use a good cleaning but I'm lazy lol) but the gesture alone is what got me.

Here I was dreading (even upset about if I'm being honest) going to work today all because I wanted to stay home in my warm, cozy bed and God had not one, but two blessings waiting on me at the very place I didn't even want to go. C'mon double for your trouble! 

I was instantly reminded in that moment that while comfort zones may feel good to us, they're not always as beneficial for us. Sometimes you have to get up out of your comfort zone (for me it was my bed this morning) to receive/go get your blessings. 

How many blessings have you and I missed out on simply because we wouldn't or won't go where we're supposed to be? How many more blessings could we receive if we would just be obedient to where God is calling us? 

To get what you need (or in some instances what you don't even know you need) you have to be willing to go where you don't necessarily want to go. I'm not gonna lie, my attitude definitely wasn't the best when I woke up this morning. Yet God still chose to bless me in spite of me. Simply because He's just that good and that kind of God. I know sometimes it may not look or feel like it, but God is always in the details. Everything He does has purpose and every move from Him is strategic. If you look for Him, I promise you will see Him. If you listen for Him, you will hear Him. I'm just grateful He allowed me to still see His goodness and movement even in the midst of having  getting (perspective shift) to go to work today. 

I don't know where God is calling you to. I don't know where it is that you've been avoiding for so long. I don't even know how you're going to get there. But I challenge you the next time you find yourself hesitant to go somewhere because you've made a home out of your comfort zone and hung pictures on walls of familiarity, to go further than your front two steps to really see what's on the other side of that door. You never know, your blessing(s) may just be in the very place you're dreading the most. 


Blessings on Blessings x Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy


  1. Ms. Thomas... This blog really blessed my soul. I would like to think that I just happened upon your page, but I now know that I was led here. God bless you. Keep being the inspiration that you are.
    -- Rev. Brian Lightner (St. James CME, Tyler)
    P.S. -- I think I'm about to go pick up a copy of "Still Worthy"... then I'm gonna call B.K.T. (lol)

  2. Super late with this response but thank you for reading and for the encouragement. I’m glad you were blessed by it!


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