Can I testify!?

 I was taking a little social media break but I had to come off of it just to share this...I believe it's worth it.

So lately God has been reminding me just how true the phrase "the more you give, the more He gives to you" really is. I've been really intentional this past year or so with being consistent in my tithing and showing God that I have no problem returning to Him that which is already His. So much so that I even tell him often "let me show You that You can trust me and I'll do right if you make me a millionaire" 😂 

No matter how much I'm left with, no matter how much I'm choosing to give, no matter how much is in my Amazon cart (if you know you know lol) I've made it a point to honor God with my tithes.

Fast forward. A few weeks back, I found out that there was a technical error and I was unexpectedly getting a "bonus" in addition to my regular check for two paychecks worth of pay that I had no idea I never received because my direct deposits never once waivered. See how God will keep you and not even allow you to feel the weight of what He's keeping you from?? Whew, I could stop right there but there's more. 

Today, I decided to bring three of my coworkers breakfast this morning just because I felt like it. By this afternoon, I had a large box full of all this (see picture below) waiting on me in the office from a student's Aunt. She said "I'm a shopper. I live all the way in Plano but I just love to buy stuff to help out and I thought you could do xyz with this and could use that for...but I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job. I just thought you all could use it." Y'all, she could've told me what to teach today, tomorrow and next week sending me all of this lol we haven't even reached the point in the year where we start asking for donations yet, so this was completely unexpected.

There have been so many similar instances in my life where I could see God's hand on it, but I'll stop here and say: 1. I'm grateful 2. I promise you can't beat God giving 3. When you show God that He's a priority in your life - with your finances, with your time, with how you give to others, with your will reap that which is good. And, it doesn't always have to be monetary. Sometimes He gives you a little extra strength. Sometimes it's meeting a person you didn't know you needed. Sometimes it's healing and restoration. Sometimes it's Him keeping you and your family during a pandemic. Sometimes it's you making it out of the accident unharmed. Sometimes it's wisdom to make the right choices. Sometimes it's opened doors. Sometimes it's closed doors. Sometimes it's a blessing that you hadn't even thought to pray for. Sometimes it's simply Him keeping you from losing your mind.

Whatever it is, just know...if it's coming from the Father it has goodness, mercy and kindness sprinkled all over it. He takes care of His children and honors those who are faithful. If you needed a sign to give God what He deserves...this is it. Try Him and see.