What If God Never Gives Me The Desires Of My Heart?

With each passing year society becomes more and more hungry for "success". We feel the need to have the nicest car, that big house, designer clothes and shoes, degree after degree, the newest phone...literally everything has become our quest. We spend all our time, money and energy as we seek after these things to fulfill us. Yet even after we attain one or some of them, we are still never  really satisfied.

Just recently, I have been working towards achieving a goal. I've prayed, worked hard, and prayed some more. Yet every time it came time for me to succeed, I came up short. With each time a little bit more doubt began to resonate. I began to think "Maybe God doesn't want me to have this. Maybe I misheard Him the first time. Maybe I'm struggling so much because it's not meant to be." - you know, stuff that the enemy would like me to believe. Eventually those thoughts of doubt turned to frustration as I reached my breaking point. I in turn allowed myself to believe that God was in some way betraying me by not giving me my hearts desire. That I was in someway entitled to His blessings and He had turned a blind eye to my wants. How foolish of me.

Now, I still have not fully reached my goal. BUT, I can proudly say that I am a little bit closer than I was before. I often have to remind myself that even though I may be taking baby steps, I'm still moving forward. And that in itself is a blessing.

However, looking back I'm left with this question that you too should consider asking yourself:

What if God never gives me the desires of my heart? 

What if He never blesses you with that spouse, that job, that big house, that nice car, that whatever it is that you are yearning for? Will you still love Him? Will you still trust Him? Or is all of that contingent upon Him blessing you? I believe that while the answer should be "of course, I'll love God regardless"; some of us (myself included) sometimes struggle with plain old entitlement issues. We feel like God owes us something. When in actuality, He not only owes us nothing, but He sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ to die in our place just to prove how much He loves us.

Can you imagine giving up your ONLY child, who did absolutely nothing wrong, for people who may or may not accept you. And then to have those same people turn around and feel like you STILL owe them something. Yet here we are day in and day out walking around with our heads held high as if we are owed the world and then some.

Yes, I believe that God wants us to live happy and successful lives. Yes, I believe that His desire for us is to get the most out of this life while we are on earth. But I believe that the line is drawn when we place so much emphasis on those things, that we neglect to find true contentment in the Source. It is a problem when we become so wrapped up in attaining earthly wealth, that we fail to acknowledge the giver of all these good gifts (James 1:17).

So my challenge for you today is to shift your focus off of the gift and put it back on the Giver. Running after temporal things to find satisfaction will leave you on a never ending chase for fulfillment. Seek after the Kingdom of God FIRST and watch how He adds all those other minor details to your life as well (Matthew 6:33). And if for whatever reason the blessing does not come when or how you desired, learn to trust Him anyway.

It's hard sometimes when you don't know all the answers, but it's necessary. It may not feel good to you, but in the end it's good for you. My hearts desires are amazing, but nothing (I repeat nothing) can or will compare to the glory that is waiting on me when I get to Heaven. And that is all the assurance I need to trust, love and serve God...even especially if He never gives me the desires of my heart.


  1. What God has for you He had for you and only you! Go live free in abundance and get what's yours by Devine right!~ tlg

  2. This is honestly the headline of my walk right now. This was super right on time and convicting. Good job boo!

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