Joy Comes In The Mourning

A few nights ago while praying for those who have recently lost loved ones, I found myself asking God to remind them that "weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning". Before I could even finish uttering that sentence the Holy Spirit stopped me and whispered in my ear...
"Joy comes in the morning but it can also come in the mourning".

That statement hit me like a ton of bricks as I really began to internalize it. Looking back, so many situations and circumstances in my life that without a doubt have caused me to mourn and be sad have in fact brought with them their fair share of joy.

Let me explain. . .

When my Uncle passed away, mourning swept through my family like the plague. Yet, as I began to imagine him in his new body - completely whole with no more pain, sickness, doctors visits or hospital stays, free of the cares of this world - I found joy.

When I discovered I had to have an unexpected and immediate surgery + be out of work for six weeks + lean and depend on others to do simple tasks I had previously taken for granted, I found myself mourning my own independence. Yet, during that time of having to slow down and heal, the pain I once felt was gone AND my class was left in the hands of a pretty amazing Assistant. So, I missed out on going to work but my students never missed out on learning. Joy.

When both of my Great-Grandmother's passed away while I was in college without getting a chance to say goodbye, I felt as if two of my closest friends had just left this earth. But, then I pictured them being reunited with family members that had gone on before them. Their spouses, children, parents, siblings and everyone else they knew and loved. Joy.

When a job I just knew I wanted was literally taken from my grasp after accepting it- I found myself questioning my purpose and worth. Wondering if I was even on the right path. Then, God turned around and blessed me with an even better job + coworkers who became so much more than that. Joy.

When those friendships and relationships ended and I felt as if I couldn't go on without them in my life. God not only showed me that I could, but He also filled those voids with something far better. Joy.

When I have to deal with the day to day struggles of this life, but am continually reminded that God is still good. God is still in control. God is still for me. God's plans are perfect. God still loves me. And God is still God. Joy.

When Mary and Martha's brother Lazarus died. Jesus wept as they all mourned. Yet, Jesus still found joy in the fact that God's glory would be revealed and people would believe after He raised Lazarus from the dead. (John 11)

When Jesus died on the cross, all those who followed Him mourned. Yet, had He not died and rose three days later, we would not be able to experience the Joy (and Salvation) He so freely gives today.

"The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter." Psalm 30:5 (MSG)

Every loss, every setback , every failed relationship or friendship, every detour, every stumbling block, every tear, anything that has caused me pain in this life has subsequently given me new reasons to have joy.


Because every relationship or friendship that didn't work out taught me a little more about myself. Every setback, detour and stumbling block has rerouted me to something even better. Every situation that has brought pain and tears in my life, God has (and will always) continued to work out for my good. (Romans 8:28)

No matter how dark or dim your situation looks a silver lining can always be found. It might be paper thin, it might be faded out, you may have to dig a little deeper to find it; but it's there - whether you choose to grab hold of it or not. The bad news is as unpleasant as mourning and pain may be, it's inevitable. The good news is that you don't have to wait until the morning comes to have joy, you can choose to have joy right now -- even in the midst of your mourning. #ChooseJoy ❤️

{related scriptures: James 1:2-4, Psalm 30:11, 1 Peter 1:6-9}