Speak What You Seek

Happy New Year, ya'll!

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Years. Mine was spent relaxing and spending time with family (soaking up every minute of this two week break from work!).

However, being three days into the new year I too have found myself doing a lot of reflecting over how I desire for my year to go. (Proverbs 16:9 😉)

2018 for me consisted mostly of me stepping outside of my comfort zone, a lot of self-growth, and just trying to be the best version of me that I can be. This year, one of my main desires is that I will really begin to see answered prayers manifested in my life. And maybe, that's your desire too...

I'm talking about that thing you've been believing God for since last year. That thing you've been working your butt off to obtain. That dream God placed on your heart years ago that no one else knows about. Whatever it is that you desire, I challenge you to do exactly what that quote says and "Speak what you seek until you see what you've said". Continuously. Consistently. Until you believe it. Until you see it.

Imagine how many of our prayers could have possibly already come to pass if our consistency in our faith matched our efforts ( **because you can't just believe God for it, you actually have to put in the necessary work to back that prayer up as well).

© Crowned Creation

So, what are you seeking from God in 2019?

Seeking love? Speak over yourself that you are already loved by the Most High until you truly feel it. John 3:16

Seeking peace? Keep speaking peace over your life until He gives you that peace that surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:6-7

Seeking a new job? Speak opened doors over your life until you actually start to see them opening  before you. Jeremiah 29:11

Seeking a financial breakthrough? Speak provision over your life until you see your money stop acting funny. Psalm 23:1

Seeking healing? Keep speaking that you are already healed in Jesus name until the doctors report lines up with His Word. Isaiah 53:5

Seeking marriage? Speak that it is already done and will come to pass as and when He sees fit until you begin to find contentment and rest in Him alone. Psalm 84:11

Seeking a child? Speak that your womb will be opened and/or God will provide other avenues until you're holding that child in your arms. Psalm 113:9

Seeking a degree? Keep speaking that it's already yours until you're walking across that stage. Philippians 1:6

Seeking to be made whole? Speak that you are already complete and whole in Christ until you feel those voids begin to close. 2 Corinthians 5:17

However you're desiring God to move in your life this year (no matter how big or how small; no matter how long you've been seeking it) --- don't give up. Your blessing may just be right on the other side of your faithfulness.

Keep speaking. Keep seeking. Keep praying. Keep fasting. Keep believing. Keep trusting. Keep working. And watch God begin to blow your mind. I'm just crazy enough to believe that He can and He will, are you?