Beauty And The Past

While scrolling on instagram one day, I came across a quote by Morgan Harper Nichols that read:

"How beautiful it is that the past did not define you, and your story is being woven into something beautiful and new."

 And really, how beautiful is that?

How beautiful is it to know that your past does not define you?
That you are not your mistakes.
That you are not where you come from.
That you are not what has happened to you.
That you are not your illness.
That you are not who people say you are.
That you are not who doubted you.
That you are not who left you.
That you are not what the enemy wants you to believe.
That you are not who you were last year, last month, or maybe even last week...

How beautiful is it to know that no matter what may have happened in your past, you are still worthy.
Worthy of love.
Worthy of acceptance.
Worthy of happiness.
Worthy of joy.
Worthy of companionship.
Worthy of peace.
Worthy of being whole.
Worthy of everything naysayers said you shouldn't receive.
Worthy of everything doubters said you couldn't achieve.
Worthy of something beautiful and new.
Worthy of being used by God...

How beautiful is it to know that your story is still being orchestrated into a beautiful masterpiece?
That God is mending all of the broken pieces.
That what you thought was a loss was actually a gain.
That everything is working together for your good.
That your story still has plenty more chapters to be read.
That you are allowed to grow and change.
That how you started the race is not how you're going to finish it.
That the newness that's coming cannot compare to what has gone.
That you don't have to settle.
That when it's all said and done you will see why you had to go through everything you went through...

How. Beautiful. Is. That.

Maybe you feel like because of your past, there's no future in store for you. Maybe you feel like because of what happened or didn't happen in your life, there's no way that you could possibly bounce back from that. Maybe you feel like because so many people have spoke negatively into your life, that that's just the way it was meant to be. Maybe you feel like because your past has become your identity, you don't know how to be anything other than that.

I just want to encourage you to know that that's not the case. You are still loved. You are still valuable. You are are still needed. You are still essential. God can still turn it around. He still has big plans for your life. And your story is still being hand crafted into something so beautiful you will hardly be able to recognize it. Your life may not have turned out how you'd hoped it would in the past, but it is yours and yours alone.

So keep moving forward. Keep pushing past your past. Keep looking ahead. Keep overcoming the obstacles. Keep speaking life over yourself. Keep growing. Keep glowing. Keep thanking Him for the past lessons and closed doors. Keep believing. Keep trusting.  Keep waiting. . . and watch your beautiful story unfold. It may take some time, it may even take some work -  but I truly believe that it'll be worth it. ❤