What If?

In the midst of pandemics, social distancing and sheltering in place, I opened up my balcony door to get some fresh air. As I stood there soaking in every ounce of fresh air that I could, I noticed a hawk circling above the trees nearby. I watched how it effortlessly soared through the sky and thought - God, what could you possibly be trying to tell us during this time?

After a moment of pondering and listening, I was left with "what if?".

What if God is saying that He wants more of us?
What if God is saying that He wants more from us?
What if God is saying that we missed the mark?
What if God is saying that He has better things in store?
What if God is saying that His plan isn't just for us to survive, but to soar?
What if God is saying that He wants our full attention?
What if God is saying that He wants us to put aside our idols?
What if God is saying that lack of time isn't really the problem?
What if God is saying that now is the time to do what we should have done weeks, months, or even years ago?
What if God is saying that your job was never really your provider, I am?
What if God is saying "Will you still trust Me?"
What if God is saying "Will you still praise Me?"
What if God is saying "Will you still proclaim that I am Good?"

What if this isn't it for us?
What if there is more to be seen than what we can actually see?
What if all of this chaos and uncertainty leads to repentance?
What if we begin to seek Him like never before?
What if lives are transformed for the better?
What if idols are removed for good?
What if praise becomes a way of life?
What if heart postures are fixed?
What if we begin to step outside of our comfort zones?
What if we begin to give thanks in all things, not just for all things?
What if the discomfort we're feeling now is actually working for our good?
What if more people come to know Him?
What if families are pulled closer together?
What if broken relationships are mended?
What if God is trying to show us that He's still in control?
What if God is trying to prove to us that everything we need lies in Him?
What if God is waiting on our faith to line up with our actions?

What if?........What if?

I'm speaking to myself as well when I say this: don't let this time of isolation be in vain. When it seems as if the whole world is on pause - the fact that you're still here proves that there is still work to be done, your life still has purpose and there is always room for improvement. Whether it's starting that blog, writing that book, launching that business, letting go of that bad habit, making those memories, forgiving that person who hurt you, reconciling with old friends, telling someone about Christ, trusting God more, picking your Bible back up or spending more quiet time with Him. Figure out what it is that God is calling you to do (or get rid of) in this season and then do it. Do it scared. Do it unsure. Do it willingly. Do it unwillingly. Do it intentionally. Do it without knowing how it will turn out. Do it even if only one person is impacted. Do it without knowing where the provision will come from. Do it even if a hundred other people are already doing it.  Do it even if no one else cheers you on. Do it even if you only have an audience of one. Simply, do it. As cliche as it sounds, the time really is now. I would hate for us to get to the end of our lives and be stuck asking ourselves "what if?". Do now, as much as you can, while you still can. If not now, if not you, then who? 

"I might not know what the answer is
But I know what the answer isn't
It can't be that He doesn't care or He's non existent
Suffering's a problem and why many are rejecting God
But just 'cause you don't know the answer
Doesn't mean there isn't one
What if God's plan for pain isn't for you to skip it?
We need the nightmare to appreciate not being in it

He gives our pain purpose, this is not in vain
We endure, in joy, for the end joy of seeing His face
It'll all make sense then
Years of suffering made up for in an instant"
Heart Song x KB